Golden Age Bird’s Nest Nutrition 


The creative starting point for the product “Bird’s Nest Miaoling Cup” is:
1. Orally edible hyaluronic acid + instant bird’s nest.
2. Easy to carry and share actively.
3. It can be eaten in multiple scenes, with meals, desserts, and coffee or tea.
4. The absorption effect of long-term consumption of hyaluronic acid is better than application and injection.
5. A weapon against aging: hyaluronic acid + bird’s nest, a combination of two swords.

Eating bird’s nest from a few years ago is a high-end thing, and most of the consumers are over 35-40 years old.

However, starting from 2019, nearly 40% of the consumers of bird’s nest have turned out to be post-90s. Young people have joined the nourishment consumer market and are keen on bird’s nest. This is mainly due to the current health-preserving culture. With economic development, young people generally face huge academic and workplace pressures. Staying up late to use mobile phones, rich nightlife, irregular eating and other unhealthy lifestyle habits are generally sub-healthy. Many young people seem to have a clear understanding of reality, so they feel that health preservation is also urgent. As a result, the punk-style regimen of soaking wolfberries in a vacuum flask and adding Codonopsis pilosula in a cola became popular.

With the rise of the country, young people have higher and higher demands for quality, culture, and individuality, and they look forward to products that demonstrate cultural heritage, life philosophy, and aesthetic values. Therefore, bird’s nest, a traditional nourishing product with “Chinese characteristics”, has also been given a trend element in consumption and has become a new choice for more young people.