Dragon Inn Club

About the Client

Dragon Inn Club décor has the wow factor, evoking old-world, 8th century China during the age of the golden Silk Road when the West started to learn more about the East. There’s plenty of antique timber, dark wood, bamboo and stone materials while a collection of ornaments and decorations like red lanterns add to the atmosphere. Dragon Inn Club also sourced all sorts of antiques from the Ming and Qing dynasties, wooden features handcrafted or moulded more than 100 years ago in China as well as ceramic pictures, intricate ceiling tiles, a wishing tree and even a vintage crop grinder imported from China.

“Unique theme, unique service, victor themes not only produce wonderful Elston theme, they guide you through the product that  perfectly work for YOU!  and I think a great deal of  grew out of the fact that I had a chance to start  a lot.”

Agatha Christie
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