青城岁月精酿原浆啤酒包装设计 Packaging Design of Qingcheng Years’ Craft Brewed Puree Beer

About the Client

This is a craft beer about “the past of Qingdao city and beer culture”. The main visual picture adopts the continuous composition form of newspaper comic strips, which visualizes the “sense of time”. The overall picture uses beer as the core media element and Qingdao Old Street as the background, with “music and beer” and “beer in the bag” “”, “Le Friends Gathering”, “Sports and Beer”, “Being in Love with Alcohol” and other scenes are connected in series. The diversity of the story is also to hit the target consumers from the side and trigger consumers’ scene associations. , So as to produce “brand emotion” with this product, and the overall picture of the product aims to show the smoke and fire of the “Qingcheng years”.


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